It Is What It Looks Like (2014)

Slightly Dark

You’re an impotent worm for dinosaur birds
Don’t fight it so hard
The tenderest meat
A tongue on your cheek
Don’t bite it so hard
And the end is slightly sharp
So don’t poke your eye

We send you off to sleep
A grin on your beak
The light is so harsh
And the end is slightly dark
So don’t close your eyes

I’d breathe for you
You know I’d try
This love won’t keep it alive
I’d bleed for you
If I’m your type
This love won’t keep it alive

Invisible Weights

Did you wake up early for the game show
Did you get them perdys from the same store
Can I get some water from the clean pipes
D’you believe they bought us all the good types
You can trade some favors from the back row
You can lick the flavor off the flag pole
All your friends and family are freeze dried
Gonna wake up later with their past lives lost

Why does it move
Why does it flame
Up in the clouds
Tectonic plates
Passing around invisible weights

There’s a new component for your hard drive
I can see you want it from your side eye
Bring you up to minute with the same dose
Where the silver lining has a rainbow
Let me grease your shoulders with a vaccine
It’s a common courtesy to come clean
There’s a comet coming for your coastline
A second coming of the worst kind of all

fighters in line
You open first
We all connect
Spiraling out
The omniverse

We all…

Windows are bound to break
What should we leave in stone?
Dead rocks in outer space
Hang like the mistletoe
I’d never haunt this place
Up in the attic
Stuck on a planet
Static inside your phone

It Is What It Looks Like

Skinny Minnie never bites her tongue
But ten fingers fit the cannibal once in a while
Kitty kitty never showed you love
Than a city full of animals won’t be your style
Skinny dipping at the ocean floor
Hit the bottom let your tentacles soak in the mud
Left center of a perfect spot
that keeps slipping out of arms reach
It might be enough
Busy busy never worked this hard
Sittin pretty for the cameras
Blink once in a while
Second fiddle never played this part
In case you’re looking for some answers
Just show me your style
Blood thinner so the grease won’t clot
Fuzzy combing out your hairpiece
She might be in love
Bread winner if the crumbs don’t rot
Jelly belly full of rare meat
It might be enough
Smoke blooms at the top
These high walls to climb
Your own small wooden doll
With minor flaws

Cause it don’t look real
And it feels too light
The medicine doesn’t heal
But it satisfies
Cause it don’t look real
But it feels alright
Is it the same appeal as the archetype

The Oceanographer

Can I escape
An everest of afterwards
Take my place
Among the oceanographers
Take my pulse
Alive, alive, alive, oh no
Don’t get so close
We dive, and dive, and….

All is fine for now
Till these final words
Came choking out
And your eardrums burst
In epitaph
My final verse
Still choking back
The lines that hurt

The timing’s off
Been drifting in and out for years
Synapse that pause
Like keeping up with auctioneers
The pressure drops
Alive, alive, alive, oh well
The blister pops
We dive, and dive, and dive,

When it’s fine it breaks
The lines you cross
Won’t scare you straight
From breaking laws
When it might inflate
But it doesn’t float
Prepare to raise
The periscope

Beyond the walls
Outside the gate
Between the lines
Beneath the waves
Through telescopes
By some mistake
We’ll stumble on discovery

The Fuss

I should have known you’d arrive
Uninvited undying monster
Another love I could deny
Or try to hide it like flying saucers
Is it the first one of a kind
Or a China design imposter

It was all my fault
And it was worth the fuss
Cause when it all pays off
LIke it always does
A bitter taste of salt
As the make-up runs
It better change my pulse
If I’m gonna waste my lungs

It’s getting worse
I’m sure it’s fine
Never mind that we’re kind of awkward
A slow divorce and given time
Will start dividing the China saucers
It doesn’t hurt to let them cry
And sing a lullaby of monsters

It was all my fault
And it was worth the fuss
Cause when it all pays off
LIke it always does
A bitter taste of salt
As the make-up runs
It better change my pulse
If I’m gonna waste my lungs


As bright as Loud
As wide as Long
And was it around always

The light broke loose and spoke in tounges
Love is around, always

See what secrets life is hiding
And which one is worth trying belongs to you.

River Isn’t Rising

The river isn’t rising
It grinds the shore
The river boat’s arriving
Mind the store
They’re coming for the rich folk in your town
So quick to stick a pitchfork in your mouth
Foundation needs replacing
And I should know
We’re still working from the basement of ancient Rome
Appreciate your patients
Awaken from your nap
Then rise to the occasion that fell into your lap

But we’re so tired
And we’re so lost
We’ll only slow you down
We’ll only throw you off

The river isn’t rising behind the storm
We take them by surprise
But it takes too long
Hooray for your achievements
You’ve earned our praise
Now go work out the demons from the hell you’ve raised

But we’re so tired
And we’re so lost
We’ll only slow you down
We’ll only throw you off

An Algorithm

If profits slide, recalculate cost
But of the numbers are right, then everything’s lost
From now on all decisions
Based on the algorithms
Mathematic murmurations
To fit form to static
Place you bets automatic
Deficits are marginal
I divided by one, all by myself

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