New Album and New Show Dates Coming Soon!

We’ve been working for the past several months to write and record a new album that will be released early this summer!  Once again we’ll be going it alone; recording and producing the album ourselves. It has been a crazy few months but we can almost see the end in sight!

Along with the new album the band is growing.  We’ve added a couple of new faces, Charlie Rivera and Zack Kennedy.  Charlie and Zack are both amazing players with backgrounds in jazz and experimental music.  They’ve helped us add even more layers to the CABIN mix.  We’re very excited about the direction the music is heading.

Last but not least…  We’re booking shows for spring and summer.  We’ll be posting new show dates REAL soon.  If you have any suggestions for venues to play in your city please let us know!  Keep checking back with the site for more news on the album and dates.

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